Cloud Services | online backup | hosted email private cloud

Cloud Services | online backup | hosted email private cloud

cloud services


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Cloud service computing is playing an important role for small and medium sized businesses alike. However, the concept is still widely misunderstood, leaving businesses unsure of the pros and cons.

Cloud Services

Cloudscape cloud support services allow you access to hosted applications at any-time, anywhere, simply, quickly and reliably. Our hosted services  offer the benefits of using a server-based IT solution but without the overheads and maintenance worries.

Cloud services denote computing services accessible to users on demand via the Internet from a provider’s server rather than being provided from a local device.
Cloud services include:

Our many years of experience of cloud solutions and infrastructure allow us to guide you through the process so that you can realise the operational and cost benefits of moving servers or services to our cloud services. In most cases, this will be a step by step process as in-house servers come to the end of life.

A popular first step for introducing cloud services is managing data backup and mail servers in a cloud environment. These are both are vitally important the smooth operation of any business and offer advantages moving to a cloud environment.

We’re able to advise on the best ‘blended solution’ to fit your business. We have great experience in migrating systems onto our cloud services, ensuring your move across will be seamless.

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