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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems for London – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful, established technology that allows your telephone services to be delivered over the Internet rather than using a traditional telephone system.

Hosted VOIP phone solutions are a great way to leverage the advantages and flexibility of a modern business communications system. There is no capital expenditure as would be normally associated with an expensive traditional system, so your business gets all the benefits of the technology and flexibility of VoIP calls without the need to support a PBX system on-site. VoIP systems are a great way to improve efficiency and flexibility while reducing costs. The advantages of VoIP as a business telephone system are very clear and measurable, added to which, the speed and ease of installation together with the advanced technology makes VoIP the intelligent choice for businesses whether small or large.

Hosted VoIP Telephone System Advantages:

  • VoIP calls save money – Significant call cost savings can be made and no expensive BT lines are not required. Hosted VoIP technology is inexpensive to install and to operate.
  • Business VoIP– Our hosted services are technologically feature-rich with anything from voice-mail, auto attendant and conference calling. They are the perfect solution for business applications.
  • Quick to install – VoIP systems offer speedy installation. Your provider can usually set up your system in a matter of days.
  • VoIP phone systems – Grow with your business. Add extra extensions and locations
  • Ease of Installation- Equipment is quick and easy to install and costs so much less than conventional telephone systems
  • Convenient – Place and receive calls from your smartphone, anywhere, any-time.
  • Flexibility – For distributed offices or a remote workforce everyone can have a VoIP extension on the same system. The phones can work anywhere with an internet connection.
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