IT Services London –
IT support services to keep your business running

Specialist IT services – office relocation and project management services. We have over 30 years of combined experience in IT services in London. Our IT Services team are highly qualified in Microsoft, Apple and Cloud technologies. A complete IT Service to help you organise your office, make changes in the layout, move office to a new location or manage a major project for all of your IT services.

We also provide advanced remote IT support to any computer in your network. Our remote service allows you to get on with your business with the minimum of disturbance or downtime.

Office IT Moves

We can take a lot of the stress and strain out of office IT moves and changes by providing a complete IT and Telecoms service. At Cloudscape we have a dedicated IT project management team who have overseen hundreds of office moves and IT projects. Whether you are considering an office layout change, adding or moving a few desks or going for a complete office relocation, we can help you achieve your move effortlessly and without disruption. Just rely on us to help plan and organise your changes.

Call us for a no obligation consultation when you are planning your office IT relocation, we’ll be happy to guide ad make your office move smooth and trouble free.

IT Project Management

Let us manage your IT projects, we have an experienced IT project management team on-hand ready to deliver on projects both large and small. Our project management team can design and build your IT projects after discussing and analysing the requirements of your business.
We’re then able to train you and your staff on using the new systems we’ve implemented, ensuring everything is set up as efficiently as possible.

Moving Office?

If you are considering an office move, IT equipment upgrade or a bespoke IT solution, just give us a call to review your project.
We’ll happily talk you through the best options on a no obligation basis.

VoIP Telephone and Telecom systems

Whether you are moving office and completely upgrading telephone systems or just looking to improve existing telephones; we have cost-effective solutions that will match you budget and will probably save you money on operating costs.
The latest VoIP telephone options are feature rich, quick to install and do not require extra lines from your landline provider.
We can offer a full telecoms and IT services including installation of VoIP telephones (Voice over IP) or traditional land-line options. Telephone systems can be incorporated into your IT Services Support package to take full advantage of our support and project capabilities.

Give a call to find out about the packages available and the system most likely to suit you. We’ll be happy to review your existing telephone system and advise you on the most suitable options. Call for a no obligation review.